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Heritage breed Day-old Chicks and Fertile Eggs.

Heritage breeds are very attractive & beautiful to look at. They do what chickens would normally do, they will lay eggs in the warm seasons, often getting broody in Spring. They will start to lay around 6 months and won’t lay as much in winter while they are moulting. They may not provide an egg a day, but will lay for around 5-6 years and can live for a long time (up to 13 years). Heritage breeds are perfect if you are after some attractive long term backyard friends as well as eggs.

  • Blue & Black Copper Maran
  • Bantam Chocolate Orpington
  • Standard Buff Orpington
  • Pekin – Furness (Furnace)
  • Lavender Araucana
  • Belgian D’Uccle, – millefleur
  • Polish – Buff laced (Chamois) & white in smooth & frizzled feathers
  • Bearded Silkie – Blue, black & splash pen
  • Bearded Silkie – Pyle, buff & lemon partridge pen
  • Olive & Easter egger